Top 3 US startup accelerators (Peoples choice vs Statistics)

Choosing what startup accelerator to apply can be one of the hardest decisions that a founder can do.

Many companies that get accepted to the best accelerators put many hours into their application. The Squeet team performed a swipe and match poll with the most common accelerators found in multiple websites to find the best peoples choice. 53 people filled out the poll.

We also compared these accelerators against a statistical data provided by  that ranks startups based on a ratio of number of investments per exits. Here are the results:

We see that YC is placed first like many other sources predict like Yet, compared to the statistical data it is actually placed 18th with respect to their ratio of number of investments per exits. The statistical data shows that the best accelerator is Techstars Boulder Accelerator.

Of course this statistical data can be critiqued by exit value of the startup portafolio which YC takes the lead and many other factors that will affect how good a startup accelerator really is. However, what we can tell you is that making a group decision with a simple like and dislike sometimes might be a better way of judging a bunch of options instead of statistically defining what is the best. And you can do this using Squeet swipe and match polls.


– The Squeet Team

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