500k People Have This Problem, Here’s What We’re Doing To Solve It.

In early June I joined a startup that was developing an app to help families find fun places to go to with their children. None of us were passionate about the idea, team meetings were stale, we couldn’t care less if the idea failed. After lots of user research and need-finding we pivoted time and time again, trying to find a good problem that we could solve.

Then, one of our founders came to us with an idea…

He said:“Guys, we know that picking a place to go eat with a group of people is a big problem. How many times have you argued with a significant other or friend about where to go eat?

The team seemed to raise a brow in unison as their faces lit up. It was genius.

How many times had I been stuck about deciding where to eat because a group couldn’t decide together? It was such a culturally accepted daily struggle that it had even become a meme.

“What do you want” scene from The Notebook
The Notebook was actually a love story…about FOOD

So we had a good idea of what problem to tackle… now it was up to us to validate the problem and find a solution. That is how Squeet.co was born.

squeet logo banner

Squeet is an app for making group decisions in an engaging and fair way. Using a tinder-style approach to finding places. You can swipe on places to go and things to do with friends, find your matches, and decide faster!

We shortly realized that a card-swiping feature for making group decisions could not only be used for food places but for millions of other things such as: recreational activities, Netflix shows, even Spotify songs to co-create playlists with friends.

As we continue on this journey we keep receiving signs that there is a real need for such a product. This past month the following tweet went viral:

Image for post

Although Caitlin may have been stoned, almost 500k other people seemed to agree with her. We believe there is huge potential in solving the group decision making quandary, and we would love to keep sharing our journey with you through this blog. We are always looking for feedback so feel free to leave us a comment with any advice, suggestion, or critique you have!

I would love to dive deeper into our design process, startup culture, and upcoming product developments in the future. If you are interested in staying up to date, you can find out more about us on Squeet.co.

We have BIG plans coming so make sure to stay tuned!

Squeet on.

– The Squeet Team

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