Squeet swiping to like a place card


Squeet match on liked place with friends


Squeet decide place to go with friend group

Squeet is the best app for group decisions.

Squeet is an app for making group decisions in an engaging and fair way. Swipe on places to go and things to do with friends, find your matches, and decide faster!


Innovative, Engaging, and Personalized for you.

Swipe Discovery

Swipe to discover places, and things to do. You can swipe on restaurants, hiking spots, and even movies to watch!

Match With Friends

Engage with friends to find your common likes and shared interests.

Decide Instantly

Squeet helps groups decide on activities in a fun and engaging way. Stop arguing and start doing more things together!

How to download the app?

Just download Squeet from the App or Play store. Create an account, add your friends,and start swiping!
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